Lyrik and Jojo

“A family is kind, loving, generous, helpful.” -Jojo

“I just want a home and a family so I can go home and work on being with a family.” -Lyrik

Lyrik is a sweet and smart ten year old girl who is currently in the 5th grade. She loves to challenge herself in school. One of her favorite things is reading and will read anything she can get her hands on. Lyrik is very interested in other countries and their cultures. She currently wants to know more about Greek mythology and wants to go to Athens Greece. Lyrik is creative and enjoys drawing and writing things in journals. Lyrik likes hugs and back scratches when she is upset. Lyrik does not like people yelling or raising their voices.

Jojo (Jonea) is 10 years old and currently in 4th grade. She can be sassy and very blunt with people. Jojo is active and loves to be outside riding bikes. She also enjoys doing her nails, her hair, watching movies, swimming, and making crafts. One of her favorite things is squishmallows! Jojo has also been in gymnastics before and really enjoyed that. Jojo does not like to be touched unless she gives permission, but does like her head or back scratched when she’s upset.

This sibling set of two would benefit from a two parent household where they can stay together.

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