Lydia – TN01-55628923

Lydia is very smart and wants to be a paleontologist someday.

Lydia is a very happy and loving little girl. She is very smart and wants to be a paleontologist someday. She loves attention and spending one on one quality time with caring adults in her life. She is full of energy and loves to play and make new friends. Her favorite toys are “My Little Pony” figurines, Poopsie dolls, Miraculous Lady Bug, and the Muppet Babies. She also enjoys singing to Darius Rucker’s “Jesus takes the Wheel” and “Jesus Loves Us” by Katy Perry as well as music from the “Frozen” movies. Lydia loves doing her make-up and playing dress up and desires to have a mother figure who will do these “girlie” things with her. Lydia also likes animals, especially dogs. She likes painting, playing with slime, doing arts and crafts, playing tag, and going on walks outside.

Lydia is in need of a loving forever family that is patient and can give her plenty of one-on-one time. Her team is seeking a home in Tennessee or close enough to visit easily.

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