Meet Luke

Luke is a very loving and affectionate child who loves to be outdoors hunting bugs and fishing. He also likes reading, puzzles, crafts and building things with his Legos. Luke will interact with others when encouraged to do so. He is independent and wants to try new things on his own before accepting the help of others. He enjoys participating in the Special Olympics. Luke loves pets, but does require supervision around family pets. He tends to hug the pets too tightly and requires reminders to be gentle.

Luke needs a family who will be patient and encouraging with his needs and abilities. His family should be willing to be involved with his school and counseling to ensure he receives the help he needs. He would benefit from a family where he would be the youngest child. Luke thrives on routine and order. He will need a family with structure and firm rules.

Like many children, Luke loves junk food. He is willing to try new foods when prompted. His family will need to encourage him to make good food choices and promote healthy eating habits. Luke struggles to verbalize his feelings so he needs a family that is patient in this area and will give him time.

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