Lilly, Chris, JJ, and Elias

“What I like about family is that you have siblings that care about you and like to play with you.” -Lilly

Lilliya (Lilly) is a sweet and kind 9-year-old girl. She is going into 4th grade and enjoys school. Lilly is very artistic and enjoys drawing. She also enjoys spending time outside and listening to music, especially Justin Beiber! Her favorite foods are chocolate ice cream and hot dogs.

Christopher (Chris) is a smart and active 8-year-old boy. Chris is going into 3rd grade, enjoys math, and does very well academically in school. Chris is interested in playing any sport he can and enjoys being active with others. He can be competitive and likes a challenge. Chris also enjoys playing video games and is great at puzzles. He is also a talented artist and likes to draw, shade, and color pictures.

Jayceon, “JJ”, is a fun and active 7-year-old boy. JJ is doing well in school and is going into 2nd grade. He enjoys school and works hard. He has great problem solving skills for challenging assignments. JJ enjoys playing video games of any kind. He generally plays sports-type games. He also likes playing Beyblades indoors and basketball when outdoors.

Elias is a sweet, smart, inquisitive, and active 5-year-old boy. Elias is excited to go to Kindergarten in the fall. He enjoys school and learning new things. Elias enjoys playing sports and being active with others. Elias has a strong arm and is great at playing catch with others. He has enjoyed going on field trips to various places and spending time with his siblings.

These siblings have a positive relationship with each other. Parents should be knowledgeable about the effects of trauma on children. A family will need to be able to maintain a consistent, structured environment.

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