Liam (James)

“When I have kids…I’m gonna spoil them.”

James (who goes by Liam) is 16 year old young man who is looking for a family to call his own. He is a self-described gamer and enjoys making his own YouTube videos. Liam is quarterback for his school’s football team and hopes for a scholarship one day. He’s most proud of his athletic abilities to play multiple sports. He also really enjoys basketball and says going outside and his girlfriend make him happy. A bit of a romantic, Liam says that his biggest wish is “to be happy forever with the woman I love.” He’d like to be successful in his future, a good citizen and there for his family.

Liam is looking for a family where he can have responsibilities and earn trust and be able to take care of each other. He wants love and affection, boundaries and reasonable discipline – all things he feels make a normal family. “Belonging in a family to me means I’m important, I’m loved.” Could you be the family Liam is looking for?

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