Leland F0381

“In a family I want somebody that’s caring, a good place to sleep, somebody I can trust, and somebody that loves me.”

Leland is a smart young boy with a witty nature. His favorite thing to do is play Fortnite with his friends. He loves to demonstrate his abilities in this game and is quite competitive. Leland loves dinosaurs, knows lots of details about them, and has a collection of them of which he is very proud. Leland also likes to play basketball and likes to engage others with his Nerf basketball set on his door.

Leland is very smart. He does well in school and in anything he applies himself to. Leland is very independent and likes to have input and choices when appropriate. Leland is somewhat reserved at first, but he is very loyal and loving to those he feels a connection with. He will win others over with his bright smile and quick wit.

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