Lazarous “Laz” F0246

“My best characteristic would probably be that I’m patient….very patient.”

Lazarus or “Laz” as he likes to be called is an outgoing charismatic teenager who enjoys being active outdoors. His favorite colors are red and black. He likes basketball and football, but football is his favorite. He said that he doesn’t have a favorite football team, but likes college football better than the NFL. He doesn’t have a current favorite basketball team but really likes the old Chicago Bulls, back when Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, and Dennis Rodman played for them. He said that he enjoys bass fishing, and hopes to one day take horseback riding lessons. He doesn’t have a favorite food but you may be surprised that he eats his vegetables, and tries to remain at a healthy weight.

Laz says that his greatest skill or talent would be “playing sports.” He said that he loves animals and would like a job working with them one day.

Laz wants to find a forever family and recently wrote a letter to his potential family. Part of his letter stated the following: “Dear potential family, My name is Lazarous. I’m 15-year-old. I play football and basketball. I like to fish and I’m good with animals. I’m not against going to a new home but I would like to have a home that will allow me to play sports and get a job.”

Laz says he would prefer a family that it active and had older children. He says he is trusting of others until they give him a reason not to trust them. He feels that he will bond to his adoptive family quickly if he likes them and they like him.

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