LaShawn (La’Shai) VA01318828

“There’s art in everything – you just have to find it and bring it out.”

La’Shai (who goes by LaShawn) is a very bright and sweet sixteen year old. He enjoys school and excels in all of his classes even though they are getting a little harder. LaShawn will actually ask the teacher for more homework! His favorite subjects are reading, science, and math. He loves to bake and wants to attend culinary school and be a cook when he grows up. His favorite books are ones about adventures and fairy tales. He also enjoys anime.

LaShawn enjoys playing most sports and watching movies. He also loves to listen to current music and sing along. LaShawn enjoys wearing neon colors and loves when his outfits match his shoes (he loves to buy new shoes). LaShawn says his friends would say “I am a dependable person and I’m very openminded to new ideas and everyone else’s expressions, and I know when to communicate and when not to communicate.” Wise beyond his years with a gentle and calm demeanor, the warmth that LaShawn exudes is tangible.

LaShawn is looking for loyalty in a family, someone to stand with him during tough times, someone he can trust and believe. He is empathetic and thoughtful, choosing to give his time and energy to others, always selfless and inclusive. He enjoys art, is very creative, and loves stuffed animals. LaShawn likes spending time with his siblings and playing outside. LaShawn would need a family that would want to continue his relationship with his siblings. He’s looking for a family with two loving adults who will always be there for him, provide safety, and make time for what’s important. Could you be the family LaShawn is looking for?

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