Meet Kylee

Here comes Kylee, an attractive and bright young woman! She has a beautiful smile that lights up her whole face. Kylee has a lot of potential and needs someone to support her in discovering her talents.She enjoys sports, being active and outdoors, games, music, building things and hanging out with friends.

Kylee is outgoing and makes friends easily. She has some of the same struggles as other teens. She is looking for parents who can be there for her and help her through these. She needs someone who can parent her but also offer her some independence. She can be moody at times but will ask when she needs help to come out of it. Sometimes, she just needs time alone in her room.

She works after school and likes having her own money. She saves half of what she is paid and spends the rest. She loves shoes! Kylee has a fun and loving spirit that shines through when you meet her. She has a good head on her shoulders but still needs guidance.

Kylee wants a family she can trust, be there for her and help her through the difficult times she will face. She would prefer a non-traditional family but will be ok with any family that can build a healthy relationship with her. Kylee would prefer to have her own room.

She likes burgers, fries, pizza but not a lot of vegetables. She is willing to try new foods. Kylee is working through her issues to be ready for her family. A laid back family who doesn’t easily get upset but able to establish firm rules will work best for her. She needs someone who not only listens but also hears her. If you are this family, please contact KAPE today!​

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