Meet Krystyna, Alexa & Stephen

Krystyna, age 16:
Krystyna is a social and friendly sixteen year old young woman. She enjoys singing, dancing, making artwork, writing stories, and engaging in social activities. She has an impeccable memory for songs, stories and characters. She is able to develop positive relationships with adults and peers. Krystyna is motivated to do well in school and can earn good grades. An individualized education plan was established in November 2020 to provide Krystyna better support in the academic setting. She is a smart girl and tries hard to complete her work, as assigned. Krystyna really enjoys Anime and Pokemon games and characters. She often writes stories of herself or characters.

Stephen, age 14:
Stephen “Bubba” is generally a happy, friendly, and social fourteen year old young man. Bubba thrives in social environments where he can interact with adults and other youth. He loves to be active and try new things. Bubba has been achieving passing grades in school. He receives support through an individualized education plan. Bubba loves to be connected to adults and mentors and engaging in sports and outdoor activities such as biking and fishing.

Alexa, age 13:
Alexa is a witty, smart and active young lady. Alexa is very intelligent and loves to learn about science topics and share her knowledge with those around her. She achieves good grades when she puts forth adequate effort towards academics. Alexa feels connected to spirits, but is also willing to attend church. Alexa enjoys Anime, listening to music, and creating her own lyrics.


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