Krista – TN01-34905937

After high school Krista hopes to attend college and then join the Marine Corps.

Meet Krista: A people person and dog lover!! Krista is a creative young lady with a lot of strengths. She is brave, giving, kind, smart and extremely comfortable in the kitchen. She loves to bake and would love nothing more than to show her affection by baking you a fresh batch of cookies or even a delicious cake. She is extremely respectful, caring, and loves to talk to people. She works hard at school to earn good grades, but math is admittedly not her favorite subject.

There is no containing her dreams. She has so many!! After high school, she hopes to attend college and then join the Marine Corps. She would love to be a firefighter one day and an inspirational speaker, too. She loves to read and her favorite books are non-fiction books, comedies and comics. She also likes to write her own short stories, give out letters of affection to those who warm her heart, compose her own songs and she loves to sing. She loves all kinds of crafts, particularly painting, drawing, and making bracelets for the people that she cares about. She also enjoys playing volleyball. Krista is a great communicator and enjoys being around people. She also gets along great with four-legged friends too, as long as they bark and don’t meow. She isn’t a fan of mean old cats, but she thinks all dogs are great dogs. Krista identifies as a Christian. Going to church and Bible study are important to her. Some of Krista’s favorite things to do are spending time together while celebrating Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

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