Kobi F0227

Some things I want in a future family is to have a mom and dad, a couple siblings, just people who I can go and talk to if something is going on.

This is Kobi, a handsome young man who always has a big smile on his face. When first meeting Kobi, you will be impressed with how articulate and friendly that he is. He’s enjoyable to talk with, especially about the things that he loves. You will also immediately notice Kobi’s style, and his love of all things ‘BLING’. Kobi loves large necklaces, big watches, and wearing cologne. He likes looking and smelling good, and always looks nice and put together.

Kobi enjoys a variety of different activities. One of Kobi’s favorite activities is playing video games. He also enjoys many sports, and his favorite is football. He has played on several school football teams and is looking forward to a forever home where he will not miss the football season.

Kobi is also very self-motivated and works to make some of his own money for video games, special clothing, and to do activities. This past summer he mowed yards to earn some extra cash.

Kobi needs a family that can provide him with structure and support, and that is willing to truly provide ‘forever’ for him. He has an amazing potential to fully thrive in a loving, supportive environment. Are you the best family to help this energetic young teen to grow and thrive?

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