Kiki (Kiona)

Kiki loves to be covered in blankets – being cozy is one of her favorite things.

Kiona (who goes by Kiki) is a 10 year old girl who is looking for a forever family. Kiki is caring, funny, and very affectionate. Kiki is nonverbal. However, with the help of her ABA specialist she is beginning to use her words to express her wants and needs. Kiki receives special education services in addition to her speech and OT therapy. Kiki needs consistency and appreciates and craves routine. She loves pets and enjoys being outdoors. This active little girl lights up a room and loves to be cuddled. Kiki’s favorite place is being at the beach or at a park, and she loves to go out to dinner.

Kiki is easy to make happy – she loves to be hugged and rocked, and she enjoys her electronics. Kiki is described by her foster mom as a girly girl who loves dressing up and getting her hair and nails done. Kiki has a friendly and engaging personality. She enjoys making and maintain connections with others. Kiki needs a stable family who will provide support, structure, and unconditional love. She needs a family who can help her thrive and develop into a successful young lady. Could you have room in your family for this special little girl?

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