Meet Keith

This energy factory is Keith! Sports are one of Keith’s favorite outlets for his energy, and he is keen on playing football and basketball. A talented football player, Keith dreams of playing professionally in the NFL when he’s older.

Skateboarding and riding his bike are also top-picks for outdoor playtime. Keith is fond of video games and loves eating chips and ice cream. Flying would be his superpower of choice, and he likes blue the best. Keith enjoys spending time with adults and delights in positive attention. When he sees others being picked on, Keith steps up to help.

He thrives in small peer groups and often takes a leadership role. He is now in the eighth grade. If your family can provide Keith with the patience, love, understanding, and unconditional support he deserves, you are urged to inquire.


For families outside of Utah, only those families who have a completed home study are encouraged to inquire.


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