Meet Kayden

Kayden is a handsome, very creative and outgoing kid. In his spare time he loves to draw, play the guitar, ride bikes, and watch movies. Just like most boys his age he enjoys playing video games and other activities on his tablet. He is a very active kid and is looking for a family to match his level of energy. Spider man, Hulk, Superman, Captain American bring on the superhero because this kids loves them all. Kayden has a rock collection that he loves.

Although his favorite subject in school is science, he would like to be an artist when he grows up. When asked the question “what adoption mean to you”? He stated that it would be a “lifesaver”.

Kayden is very eager and willing to find his forever family. Would you like to be Kayden’s lifesaver?


On Hold means

The Department of HR is not actively recruiting for the child at this time