Kay (Jeremiah) VA01323654

“I would describe family as supportive, together and being able to talk to each other.”

Kay is an amicable, respectful youth who is fast approaching adulthood. Kay’s interests include cooking, reading manga, gaming with friends online, and playing basketball. Although they may not always admit it, they are always down for an adventure if encouraged outside of their comfort zone. Kay enjoys discussing future plans of being a Content Creator on YouTube, which they note will feature their favorite video games, artists, and personal raps they would like produced. This young star shines bright in the sky and is excited to meet the family willing to provide a solid foundation to keep them afloat!

Kay would thrive best in a family who will be able to provide structure while also providing unconditional love and support. Communication is very important to Kay and they are seeking a family who will be accepting of all the challenges they have gone through and will be willing to listen and talk things through. Could you be the family who will provide Kay love and support they so greatly need?

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