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Meet Kara

Katelynn has a great sense of humor and is a ball of energy. She loves riding her scooter but more than anything, she is a water baby! Katelynn loves going to the pool and water parks. She loves to help cook in the kitchen and also enjoys movie night with lots of popcorn. Katelynn has a veracious appetite and her favorite food is “everything”. Her Barbies and babies provide a lot of playtime fun and she is a fan of anything from the movie Frozen. She’s very proud of her grades and has made great strides to become a top notch student. Katelynn has a creative imagination and likes to color and draw. She enjoys spending time with people and is a people person. She’s quick to learn and adapt and has a free spirit with a big smile and happy eyes. Katelynn loves being nurtured and cared for.

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