Meet Karyme

Karyme (born April 2005) is a sensitive and insightful teen who is great at advocating for herself and who loves to learn new things as she goes along in life. Karyme can be shy when meeting new people, but once she feels safe she is friendly and outgoing.

Karyme is bright and focused and has the self-motivation to do well in life. Karyme can accomplish things when she puts her mind to it. She became a cheerleader although this was stepping out of her comfort zone. At one point she also challenged herself to get straight As in school and she accomplished this task as well. In school, Karyme enjoys taking sociology, psychology, and English classes but admits she is not a big fan of math.

Karyme enjoys learning how to cook. She recently took a cooking class for school and enjoyed it very much. She specifically enjoys Mexican food and desserts. Karyme is an active teen who enjoys working out and going for a run. She also enjoys reading a book as she finds this calming and soothing. The types of books that Karyme enjoys include mystery/crime, comedy, action, drama. Karyme also enjoys watching criminal dramas such as Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU.

Karyme enjoys different genres of music and is a pretty good singer. She grew up listening to mariachi and cumbias and sings that genre of music in Spanish. In English, Karyme enjoys singing slow songs and would love to learn how to play an instrument like the piano or guitar.

Karyme has regular contact with her mother and wants an adoptive family that will recognize and honor her existing family connections. Karyme feels that it is very important to be true to oneself because “at the end of the day, no matter what happens, you have yourself”.

While Karyme is fairly self-motivated towards self-improvement, she also recognizes the benefits of having the love and support of others along life’s journey. If you think your family is cut out to incorporate Karyme into the fabric of your family and help support her as she carries on through life, let us know.


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