Ka’risma and Ka’naeah LAC1023 LAC1024

In a Potential Match!

These two talented sisters are ready to find their people! Ka’risma and Ka’naeah would love to find a forever family who will help them explore their creative sides.

Ka’risma is a bright teen with many interests – including song-writing, dancing and doing model poses. Ka’risma also enjoys cooking and helping out around the house. At times Ka’risma can even be found watching her favorite football team – the Minnesota Vikings. Ka’risma wants to go to college and maybe one day own her own business. Ka’risma is enjoying schooling and she is receiving good grades.

Ka’naeah likes to stay active. She enjoys exercising and riding her skateboard and bicycle. Ka’naeah enjoys being outside and one of her hobbies is photography when she can take nature shots. Ka’naeah enjoys singing and drawing and is showing some skill for designing clothes. Like her sister, Ka’naeah is also a football fan – but she chooses to cheer for her hometown Los Angeles Rams. Ka’naeah is a smart teen who is doing well with schooling and is receiving good grades.

Ka’risma and Ka’naeah are currently in separate homes but they desire to be placed together and are working on positive behaviors when they spend time together. They are open to any type of family dynamic with a focus on having family time together – be it eating dinner together or more engaging activities. Ka’risma and Ka’naeah are confident young ladies, and we are confident that there’s a family out there for them – so let us know if it sounds like it could be you!

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