Kaitlyn TN01-10775794

Pictures are something that Kaitlyn treasures. She enjoys having her memories saved for future reflection.

Kaitlyn is a lovable and caring child with an outgoing personality. She has a vivid imagination and is a joy to be around. One of Kaitlyn’s favorite activities is dancing. She enjoys letting loose and having a fun time. Kaitlyn also enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music. She likes telling jokes and even makes herself laugh at times! Kaitlyn makes new friends easily. Her favorite animal is the horse. Kaitlyn enjoys telling stories and talking about her favorite memories. She also treasures her photos, as she enjoys being able to look back at them and reflect on her past. Kaitlyn loves stuffed animals. Kaitlyn wants to be a social worker when she grows up. If your family is prepared for lots of laughter and love, please inquire about Kaitlyn today.

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