Meet Kayden

Kaden states he likes video games, not “blood and all that stuff”, just Nintendo. He loves all animals, except cats, but especially dogs. Kaden says that he does not like cats because a cat bit him on the nose one time. He likes adventure movies, movies that deal with dogs, and sports, particularly baseball. He does not like movies that have people doing stuff that “ain’t cool”. Kaden hates anything that has to do with vegetables, except potatoes. He loves corn chips, saying he “would get fat off them if I could”. He also likes popcorn and ice cream. Kaden says his favorite outings include going out to eat, movies, and the park. He would love to have the opportunity to participate in “bring your son to work day”—he said he never had that before. He also likes going to special places and playing in the backyard. Kaden feels his only deal breaker would be not being able to go outside and play—he would not want to live in an apartment. He wants to plant a garden and work in the yard.

Hiking, camping, fishing, water sports, etc., would be great. He is a good helper, helps organize, carry things, planning, etc. Kaden would like to play an instrument. He likes music often singing and writing his own songs. He is very creative and great at artwork. Kaden enjoys reading a lot. He has read all of the Percy Jackson books numerous times. He made paper airplanes once because he wanted to try to raise some money. Kaden says he is a good salesman. He is described as having a very big personality, open-minded, and would be good at public speaking. He is also very articulate and advocates for himself. Kaden wants to travel, stating he “loves to go on new adventures”.

Kaden would thrive in a family that would provide him opportunities to express his creativity. He wants to continue his education so a family who would support his educational goals would be a plus. Kaden would be comfortable in a family with or without children but he enjoys being a leader and sharing opportunities and activities with other kids. His team believes he would be a great addition to any family who wants an active, intelligent, and creative young man as a family member.

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