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Meet Justyn & Kaelyn

Justyn is an intelligent, thoughtful, and sensitive young man, who loves to make others laugh. He would thrive in a family whose members are physically-active, as he enjoys swimming, playing soccer, and engaging in other outdoor activities. Justyn also likes to watch movies, sing-along to music, play video games, spend time on his tablet, and collect Pokémon cards.

Justyn loves attending school, and he excels academically. He is very proud of maintaining Honor Roll status and has a drive to succeed. Justyn responds best to positive reinforcement and flourishes with regular one-on-one attention from loving adults. His ideal family is close-knit and whose members enjoy playing games and spending time together.


Kaelyn is caring, intelligent, loyal, sensitive, and artistic. She loves attending concerts and enjoys drawing. She prefers to listen to country music, identifying Kane Brown, Grainger Smith, and Blake Shelton as some of her favorite artists.

Kaelyn likes to spend one-on-one time with those for whom she cares and to stay in-touch with her friends via text
messaging. She is also gifted athletically, having been a star player on her school’s basketball team.

Kaelyn’s favorite holiday is Halloween, and one of her favorite foods is macaroni and cheese. Kaelyn is a good student, who excels academically. She loves mathematics and the satisfaction she gets from solving a problem. However, Kaelyn is still considering her future career options. She loves animals, especially dogs and cats.

Kaelyn can be somewhat shy at first, though she can be easily engaged by those who make her feel accepted. Kaelyn identifies as a Christian. Her ideal forever family is close-knit, open-minded, physically active, and involved in a religious community.

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