Justin VA01321263

Justin is proud of his Vietnamese culture and hopes to find an Asian-American family to call his own!

Justin is a quiet, introspective, and observant 14 year old young man. He loves math and science and is currently reading Harry Potter. At times strong-willed and at times reserved, Justin knows what he likes and knows who he is. Justin is sometimes slow to open up, but he is resilient and smart. Justin enjoys collecting and playing video games, fishing, playing basketball and ping pong. He likes going to the zoo and trampoline park and appreciates the balance of both inside and outside activities.

Justin is a good listener and enjoys quiet time and quiet places. Justin’s favorite foods include grilled foods, fried chicken, and Vietnamese dishes. He desires to live with an Asian-American family that can support, understand, and celebrate his Vietnamese heritage, food, community and culture. Justin is undecided as to his future aspirations, but he looks forward to growing up and making independent choices. Could you be the family that Justin needs as he continues on his path?

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