Meet Jovani & Brianna

Future electrical engineer Jovani and future therapist Brianna are close Hispanic siblings who enjoy listening to hip hop music, playing ‘Uno’, and spending time together. Brianna says that Jovani always makes her laugh.

Jovani, also known as “Gio”, born in 2006, enjoys nature, boxing, wrestling, playing soccer, and playing and watching football. The Tennessee Titans are his favorite team. Jovani also enjoys spending time on the computer, watching movies like ‘Spider-Man 3’ and shows like ‘The Flash’, and playing ‘Sorry!’. At school, his favorite subjects are social studies and history. Jovani looks forward to graduating from high school then going to college and having a family of his own someday.

Brianna, also known as Bri, born in 2010, is an outgoing, pleasant, silly and spirited girl who enjoys riding her bike, drawing and sketching. She also enjoys watching home and animated movies as well as soccer and basketball games. The LA Lakers are her favorite team. At school, where she is well-behaved, earns good grades, and gets along well with the other kids, Brianna enjoys playing during recess and learning about science

Jovani and Brianna need a loving adoptive family who will give them the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment they need to continue to thrive and reach their goals.


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