Meet Josh & JoJo

Joshua, who prefers to be called Josh, lives with his older brother and they are very close. Josh likes to sing and be outdoors and enjoys camping and short hikes. He enjoys sport activities, but is not a fan of watching sports. He is very active, but also likes downtime. He also loves to tell jokes and joke around with people. Josh is very talkative. He loves food and is up for just about any adventure if it involves eating! Josh is described as a sweet person, who has a quick wit and likes to be the center of attention; keeping everyone entertained with his jokes, card tricks, and magic.

Joseph, who prefers to be called Jo Jo, lives with his younger brother. They are close to each other. Jo Jo really enjoys being outside when he can. The boys play together riding bikes and other activities. Jo Jo likes playing with cats. Jo Jo is very talkative to people he knows, particularly if he is talking about cars or something he enjoys. He is very interested in cars, his favorite being the Chevy Camaro. Jo Jo is a very sweet young man, and is described as having a big heart.

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