Meet Joseph & Josh

Bonded brothers Joseph & Joshua are both creative and interested in many different things.

Older brother Joseph is good at building literally anything out of Legos. He also enjoys Beyblades as he says he is able to be create things with them as well. In school Joseph’s favorite class is History because he says he is able to learn new and fun facts about locations and events. In his downtime he likes to watch Anime on television and watch funny movies. When Joseph grows up he wants to be a police officer.

Next up is Joshua, he is into sports, like basketball and baseball as he says he is good at them. He likes to play video games, especially Minecraft and watching Youtube videos about the game too. In school Joshua’s favorite classes are music because he likes to sing songs and play the electric guitar and science as he likes to learn about elements and minerals. When he grows up he wants to be a motorcycle cop and also a motorcycle mechanic. He hopes to eat donuts and have chocolate milk at work too.

Both boys will need a strong tight-knit family who will stay committed to them and always be there for them, no matter what. They will do well with structure, support and guidance.

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