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Meet Jose & Emilio

Brothers, Jose and Emilio, are kind, respectful, and energetic young boys. They enjoy a close sibling bond and would like to be adopted together!

Jose is an outgoing, athletic, and social young man. He enjoys being around others and helping with activities. Jose makes friends easily wherever he goes with his kind and outgoing personality. Jose is at his best when he’s active. A teenager who is energetic and full of life, Jose has the enthusiasm to play a variety of sports. He would like to be a professional athlete someday. Jose is currently learning important life skills such as how to cook and other household tasks. Academically, Jose is a bright student, however, he sometimes needs reminders to stay on task and not socialize with his friends during class.

Emilio is a proud Boy Scout that works hard to earn his badges. Kind, thoughtful, sweet, and patient, Emilio, is adored by both his peers and the adults in his life. Aside from Boy Scouts, Emilio also enjoys playing sports. He loves to be around people and makes friends easily with his gentle, kind spirit. Emilio is a great student and is often doted on by his teachers. Emilio is learning new age appropriate skills as he grows. Generally, he is a big help around the house, but sometimes he needs gentle reminders to complete his chores or other household tasks. Emilio has a huge love of pets and would love a family that has dogs.

**Only families currently residing in Kansas will be considered at this time.**


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The Department of HR is not actively recruiting for the child at this time