Meet Jordan

Jordan is a witty boy who charms all those around him! He loves being the center of attention and making jokes to keep everyone nearby laughing. He’s happiest when he gets to stay active and he’s always looking for something fun to do. This kid can’t wait to get outside and go swimming, riding his bike, or maybe try out some new science experiments! (Science is his favorite subject in school, since he really enjoys figuring out how things work.)

Jordan has participated in summer camps before and hopes to continue doing that in the future, especially when they have tons of fun stuff to do every day! He is a big animal lover – if you let him pick any animal in the whole world to have as a pet, he would want his very own goat. He will thrive in a family with active parents who are willing to join in the activities that Jordan loves!

Jordan would do best in either a one-parent or two-parent home but would enjoy having a mom and a dad. He gets along with other children and would welcome siblings but they should be at least a couple years older or younger than him. He enjoys animals and would have fun in a home that came with pets (especially a goat!). He will thrive with consistent structure and routine and time to adjust to the transition into a forever home. Parents need to be able to demonstrate patience and understanding. Interested families should be willing to advocate for any therapeutic needs he may have. Jordan will benefit from a family who understands that patience is necessary to help him develop stronger social skills.

Are You Interested?

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