“I would like a mom and a dad. I would like to be in a family with only me, maybe a brother.” -Jordan

Jordan is a fourteen-year-old boy and is in the 8th grade. Jordan excels at school and has a quick wit. Jordan has a sense of humor, likes consistency and is curious. He is a great problem solver who is eager to learn and puts thought into his decisions. Jordan is proud of being a good friend to others and states “it feels good to care about people.”Jordan likes Pokémon, video games, music, reading manga, and drawing. 

Jordan would like to be part of a family with a father and mother where he can be the only child. He also hopes for an active family who loves animals (especially dogs!) as much as he does and who will help him build on his interests in art, cooking, baking, and soccer. Jordan has siblings and will need a family to support and help maintain those and other relationships and connections.

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