Jolie LAC1067

In a potential match

Jolie (b. April 2005) is a go-getter! She has set goals for herself and is very passionate about staying focused on achieving her dreams. Jolie is in good health and is doing well with her schooling. Jolie wants to get a Master’s degree in Fashion and a minor in Business. Jolie enjoys manifesting good things into her life. She incorporates the use of crystals and positive energy as a guide on a daily basis. She also has a gratitude journal that she uses to keep her grounded. Jolie is of African-American descent and is interested in social justice issues and wants a family that is open-minded, forward-thinking and LGTBQ allies.

Jolie enjoys group activities such as outings to the mall or walks on the beach and she is looking forward to being part of a family that enjoys game nights and movie nights. Jolie would also appreciate the opportunity to live a vegan lifestyle one day. Like any teenager, Jolie can be sassy at times but for the most part she can hold a mature conversation about many subjects. If you see your family being partially or wholly aligned to someone like Jolie, please let us know – we want to help get Jolie’s permanency and future foundation lined up!

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