Johnasia E719

Johnasia plans to go to college and become an NICU nurse.

Johnasia is a beautiful girl who is full of personality and excited to find her forever family. She enjoys singing, dancing, and listening to Hip Hop & Rap music. Johnasia has a very likeable personality. She likes to shop for girly items and she loves manicures. Johnasia is excellent in expressing her wants and needs.

Johnasia plans to go to college and become a NICU nurse. Johnasia loves attention and receiving verbal praise from others. Johnasia is doing well in school performing at or above her grade level.

Johnasia needs a structured family that will set clear rules and boundaries for her to follow. Johnasia would prefer a single female adoptive parent but she is open to meeting any family that would like to get to know her better. Johnasia needs a supportive family that will help her build her self-esteem. Johnasia would do best in a home where she is the youngest child so that she can receive all of the care, support and attention that she desires.

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