“I’d like them (family) to just be kind to everyone, just do whatever it takes to take care of me and others and maybe let me do stuff and don’t isolate me.” -John

John is a loving, caring 15 year-old boy who has a deep desire to be a member of a family. He would love to have siblings, but having parents and a loving home is the most important to him. John enjoys many activities that families take part in together. He likes a variety of outdoor activities, sports, and playing games (XBOX/computer games as well as board/card games, such as Magic The Gathering).

John mostly wishes to have a family of his own to spend quality time with. He has a strong understanding of right and wrong and works to strengthen relationships, while being a good example for others. He has two younger sisters that he would like to remain in contact with (at least on the phone), to maintain their sibling ties. John is open to living anywhere in the United States so long as a family is willing to open their hearts to welcome him into their family.

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