Meet Jessie & Jizelle

Look… it’s the dynamic brother-sister duo, Jessie and Jizelle! And just like superheroes in comic books, this duo is seeking something out … in this case, it’s the permanency of an adoptive home – and they could use your help!

Jessie is a social child who gets along well with other children. When Jessie has finished his homework and chores, he likes to spend his time playing video games on the tablet or watching shows streamed online. He also likes to go swimming and play outside. He has a healthy appetite and is not picky about home-cooked meals.

Jessie hasn’t identified what he wants to be or any specific career he might be interested in when he grows up, but he still has plenty of time to think about such.

Jizelle is a funny, friendly and social girl who enjoys playing with her friends and is continuing to socialize through FaceTime, texts and ‘Zoom’ while social distancing and distance-learning is in effect. Jizelle is like many girls her age who enjoy playing with beauty and nail products, fashion and dolls. Jizelle enjoys eating the healthy meals prepared at home, but she also doesn’t mind getting her favorite fast-food for dinner every now and then.

Jizelle enjoys reading books at home and her academic performance is average, but she, too, could benefit from some tutoring to assist her in improving her academic standing. Jizelle has not thought of what she’d like to become when she grows up, but she is sure to explore the idea as she gets older.

If you can see yourself joining forces with this dynamic duo by adopting them and becoming their forever family, send us a signal. The future is worth it!


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