Jerren, Jazmin, and Juliette

“I am happy when I get to spend time with my sisters.”

– Jerren

Meet 8 year-old Jerren, 5 year-old Jazmin, and 3-year old Juliette! This sibling group is closely bonded, love each other very much, enjoy being together, and would like to be part of the same forever family someday.

Jerren is a smart, funny, and active little boy. Jerren loves the outdoors, riding bike, and jumping on the trampoline. Jerren is in third grade, does fairly well academically, and enjoys school. Jerren says he likes animals and would prefer living on a farm, but would be ok with living in the city as well.

Jazmin is a mix of girly girl and tomboy. She enjoys playing with dolls and Barbies, but also likes to play outside, running through the sprinklers, swimming, riding her bike and playing in the dirt. Jazmin can be an active little girl with no fear! She enjoys attention from adults and the quieter side of living in the country, but could adjust to most environments.

Juliette is an adorable and petite little girl who always seems to have a smile on her face. She is a little sweetheart who loves playing with her dolls, but also enjoys playing outside. She enjoys hugs and kisses and being held by her caregivers. Currently, she likes the freedom of living on the farm and being around animals.

*At this time, the Indian Child Welfare act applies, and families with at least 1 parent enrolled with a federally recognized Indian tribe will be considered.*

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