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Meet Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a well-mannered and considerate young man, who enjoys being helpful around the home. He is intelligent and able to speak up for himself and communicates well with adults. When trying to relate to adults he is very cooperative and typically listens well. When relating to peers, Jeremiah tends to act silly and be funny. He can be argumentative as any teenager, but will sit down and talk about the issue at hand. Jeremiah is learning how to cook such simple meals as Ramen noodles and sandwiches but he also enjoys pizza, chicken Alfredo, shrimp, steak, pasta and French fries. He also loves to make brownies. Jeremiah is an active teen. This year he played on the school football team. He loves to be outside with friends but when he plays indoors he likes to play video games, such as “Madden Football” and “Call of Duty”. In addition, Jeremiah enjoys listening to pop music and watching television especially football.

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