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Meet Jennica & Julius

This sweet sibling group of two will steal your heart!

Jennica is spunky 7 year old. She is in the 2nd grade and healthy. Jennica is sweet and enjoys spending time with family. She is a caring older sister and always looking out for her younger brother.

Julius is a silly and sweet 4 year old. Julius has a contagious smile and loves to laugh. He attends preschool and is healthy. Julius is friendly and outgoing. He loves to have your attention and spend time with you.

Jennica has experienced a great amount of loss and rejection in her life. She is currently under the care of a doctor to assess her mental health needs. She takes medication daily to help regulate her emotions. She struggles with depression and anxiety. Jennica’s current caregivers report behaviors in the home when told no or when Jennica is upset. Jennica has been aggressive towards others when upset. Jennica craves one on one attention. Jennica struggles with honesty at times. Jennica does well academically and is not receiving any special education services. Jennica does struggle with transitions and having appropriate behaviors in school. However, she is so smart! Jennica needs a family to love!

Julius is such a kind little boy. Julius has some social anxieties. He has mainly age appropriate behaviors and occasional tantrums. Julius has made a lot of progress since being placed in a stable, consistent environment. Julius struggles with negative behaviors when told no or when he does not get his way. Julius enjoys having one on one time with you or being around his sister. Julius is delayed in speech and receives speech services once a week. He is working hard on potty training and doing well! Julius would be a joy to have around!

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