Jaylon, Jabari & Jayceon

Jaylon is a growing boy who loves eating! His favorite food is tacos. Jaylon is intelligent and mature. He has ambitions of being a football player or an actor when he gets older. Jaylon likes riding his bike, playing video games, traveling, and playing basketball with his friends as well as his brothers. He also enjoys hanging out with his peers. He loves anime and particularly likes the action of the ninjas and pirates. Jaylon loves dogs. TN01-27149447

Jayceon is described as cheerful and friendly. He loves to help people. He is a good artist, and likes drawing people and things. He loves sports and has been on a baseball team in the past. Jayceon likes riding his scooter, playing outside, and being active. He also enjoys playing video games, dancing, and watching dance videos. Jayceon does really well at school and enjoys learning. His favorite foods is Pop-Tarts. He loves playing with other children and with his brothers. TN01-28930863

Jabari is funny and energetic. He loves playing outside, riding his scooter, and being active. He also enjoys playing video games. Jabari enjoys learning and does really well at school. His favorite foods are pizza, Takis, Ramen noodles, and cereal. Jabari loves playing with other children. He is competitive and really likes to win. He won a spelling bee recently, and he was so proud of himself! Jabari likes watching cartoons on television, and his favorite show is The Loud House. He likes playing with his brothers a lot. TN01-114488974

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