Jaylen 9076

Jaylen’s dream home is somewhere warm, maybe in the south like Texas!

Get ready to practice your jumper, because Jaylen’s a huge sports fan and an athlete! Basketball is Jaylen’s favorite sport, but he enjoys bowling, racing go-karts, and tossing a football with friends. He loves being outside playing sports so much that his dream home is somewhere warm, maybe in the south like Texas! He definitely wants to get away from these Indiana winters, that’s for sure.

Jaylen likes to play video games too, but he’s also interested in building things and working with his hands – it comes easy to him. He’s even learning to cook! He loves to swim, and wants to take a trip to the beach someday.

Some things we think are just great about Jaylen:

He’s athletic, and has a lot of energy
He’s resourceful and inventive
He’s sweet and cares about his siblings, and is protective of those he is close to

When you first meet Jaylen, he is guarded. Parents will need to be committed and loving, and ready to invest in Jaylen to gain his trust. Jaylen would do best in a two-parent home or with a single father, as he will benefit from having a strong male role model. He would prefer a home without siblings, but he does have a sister with whom he would like to stay in contact. He would thrive in a family that loves sports as well. The family will need to have a lot of patience, provide structure for Jaylen, and have a community of support.

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