Jayden TN01-57811923

Jayden would prefer to live in a more country setting with pets.

Jayden is typically a happy and sweet natured young man with a sense of humor. He enjoys helping around the home and especially enjoys the company of people that care about him. Jayden will work very hard at thing he needs to do with support from the people he loves. Jayden will try any kind of food and likes a variety including meats, vegetables, fruit and sweets. Some of his favorite foods include pizza, pasta, burgers and french fries. Jayden loves to read, and reads a variety of genres including military, Harry Potter, Star Wars and history. He also enjoys legos, putting puzzles together and playing board games. Jayden likes basketball, football, wrestling, camping, hiking and riding his bicycle. He has also enjoyed participating in 4-H. Jayden prefers to be with people as opposed to being alone, and likes both indoors and outdoors activities. He likes to watch television and movies. Some of his favorite things to watch include game shows, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, comedy and some horror. He likes music and does not have any preference about the style of music. Jayden is very excited about having an adoptive family! Jayden would prefer to live in a more country setting. He would enjoy having pets and older male siblings.

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