Jayden F0295

“In a family I would hope for a sense of belonging, so it’s not like you’re an outsider in the family.”

Jayden is a lovely teen age girl with a beautiful smile. She enjoys fixing her hair and makeup and pampering herself with beauty products. She is equally comfortable being relaxed and having more natural days.

Jayden is a very talented young lady. She can draw really well and loves participating in arts and crafts activities. She often makes her own bracelets. She also loves music and she likes to listen to a variety of music. She is also a good singer and musician. She has played clarinet in her school band and participated in the school choir.

Jayden enjoys spending time on her phone. She is often very social and makes friends easily. Jayden would do well in a family who is able to be both kind and nurturing but also willing to allow for her to have her own space and be independent when needed.

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