Jayden loves to hunt and fish. He loves learning about nature, animals and musical instruments.

Jayden is a kind and curious 15-year-old boy who loves life on the ranch, and who would fish all day if he could! Whether he’s hunting for deer sheds, gathering eggs from the chicken coop, fishing for bluegills, or just tinkering with some line and a bait caster, Jayden enjoys spending time outdoors and hopes his future family will too.

At school, Jayden’s favorite classes are science and band. He loves learning about nature, animals, and musical instruments. He also started learning how to play the bass guitar. He would like to learn more about hunting and has recently expressed an interest in photography. Jayden describes himself as creative, curious, and smart. He is all of those and more! Jayden is an endearing, easy going, and determined youth with a bright future ahead of him.

He will do best in a family that can provide a balanced approach to structure, nurture, safety, and supervision. He would like to take time to get to know his future family. Could you be the family for Jayden?

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