Meet Amanda

You’ll see Javell’s contagious smile most when he’s active. Javell is a resilient, outgoing, and fun-loving young teen. He is energetic, full of life, and has a strong level of curiosity. Javell has the enthusiasm and energy to play many different sports; basketball, baseball, soccer, and football are among his favorites. He is very fond of pets, especially cats and dogs, and would love to have a pet or two in his adoptive family. Javell has incredible potential to excel in an academic setting. It’s important that his adoptive family be ready to advocate for communication and learning styles that best match Javell’s needs and to help him continue to make gains. He says his favorite subject is math and science “because they are interactive.”

Javell needs adoptive parents who will help him to find positive outlets for his energy. He would respond well to a highly nurturing family who is also able to be direct, firm, and consistent. Javell can sometimes be impulsive, so it’s important that he has a proactive family that can anticipate temptations and respond in a nonreactive manner.

His social worker wants to talk with prospective adoptive parents who have a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies to connect with, guide, and parent Javell. A committed family who will not give up on him, is excited to stay active with him, and can help him navigate and thrive in adolescence is what Javell needs most. He has expressed that he would like a “happy, good family that will help me conquer my fears.” Javell is a bright and caring young man that’s eager to have an adoptive family.

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