“In a family I would want someone who would actually listen to me, someone who would give me a hug when I need it, someone who would care for me no matter what I’ve been through or what I’ve done.” – Ja’Shawn

Meet Ja’Shawn! A caring, thoughtful, friendly, and athletic teen that will easily make friends wherever he goes. Ja’Shawn is a stellar athlete and is willing to try a variety of sports, although he would say football and basketball are the two preferred sports that he actively participates in – with a dream of working within athletics someday. Ja’Shawn’s favorite way to spend a weekend would be throwing a football around, leisurely playing basketball with his friends or spending time with his family. When off the field and court, you’ll find Ja’Shawn as a dedicated student in school, enjoying time with his friends, working out in the gym, or sometimes playing video games. He does well in school and has been the ‘Star Student of the Week’ on multiple occasions and feels proud to have earned this award more than once. Ja’Shawn also enjoys being active in his community as he enjoys attending church when he can and finding other ways to give back to others.

Ja’Shawn has overcome many obstacles in his life, and the special family for him must be willing to learn how to meet his needs and accept a lifetime commitment even into his adulthood. Ja’Shawn would do well in any home that has other children and pets. But more importantly Ja’Shawn expressed wanting a family that will love and care for him no matter what and support his desire to stay active and busy within the community.

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