Jase & Jesus LAC1048, LAC1049

In a Potential Match.

Jesus and Jase are a couple of brothers who share a close sibling bond and who spend much of their time playing and interacting with one another. What Jesus and Jase need is a supportive adoptive family to raise them up together.

Jesus (b. September 2010 and pictured on the right) is a friendly, talkative, affectionate and kind boy. He’s currently in 5th grade and academically on target, with his favorite subject being Math. Jesus likes playing with Legos and he’s fascinated by superheroes and really likes the Avengers, with his favorite one being The Hulk. Jesus has an artistic streak and can sketch his favorite characters. Jesus likes to stay active and his favorite outdoor activities include playing soccer, riding his bicycle, going swimming and playing at the park. Jesus is an animal lover, but also enjoys the company of other people.

Jase (b. August 2012) is a kind, somewhat shy but active boy. He’s academically on target in the 4th grade and likes Math the most. Like his older brother, Jase also likes superheroes — but his favorites are of a different genre that includes the Ninja Turtles and Transformers. Jase is a bit more mechanically and technically inclined so he enjoys constructing things with Legos. Jase also loves outdoor activities such as playing soccer, swimming and just playing outdoors in general. Most activities he engages in are usually in the company of his older brother.

We are looking for a patient family for Jesus and Jase that understands the importance of previous connections while also helping provide the support and security that they need to grow into some of tomorrow’s heroes. If you think you might be just the kind of forever family Jesus and Jase need, let us know – we want to help bring them face-to- face with their future!

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