Janelle “Nellie” F0353

“A goal that I have for myself is to become a foster parent, because the system needs people like me.”

Janelle just started high school this year and is looking forward to her journey through high school. Janelle enjoys typical teenage activities such as spending time with friends and hanging out with them- at school, after school, at basketball and football games, at the mall, etc…She has her own phone and likes talking to her friends. She likes going to new places and being adventurous. She loves shopping for shoes and clothes but not so much for household supplies. She takes care of her appearance and has good hygiene. She also spends a lot of time fixing her hair and trying out new hairstyles. She doesn’t currently play for any organized sports team, but would like the opportunity to play basketball.

Janelle is in good mental and physical health with no ongoing issues of any type. Like most teenagers, she can be sassy at times. She tends to get along better with peers and siblings her own age or older than with younger kids. She has a strong sense of what’s fair and what’s not and will advocate for herself if she feels she’s not being treated fairly. She would like a family who treats all their kids the same way, not showing preferential treatment to their biological children over their foster children. She would like a family that likes to do fun things like going to events or trying new things. She would really like to go on a fun vacation. She’s been to Kings Island in the past and really enjoyed that. Like most kids, when she’s out of school on break she enjoys sleeping in! Christmas and Halloween are her favorite holidays. At Christmas she likes to open presents and spend time with family. For Halloween she likes to eat her favorite candy, Reese’s cups, and watch horror movies.

Janelle is mostly self-sufficient. She cleans her own bedroom and does her own laundry. She has also helped with other chores such as sweeping and mopping, doing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and picking up after herself. She likes to be around people with good personalities, who like to joke around. She loves chicken cooked all different ways but says fried chicken is her absolute favorite. When asked what she would choose with three wishes she said, to be with an awesome family, to hang out with her friends whenever she wants, and to be successful in life. If you’d like to get to know a great kiddo, then Janelle is for you!

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