James “JD” F0375

“A perfect day would be me getting adopted and getting to know my family. That would be like my perfect day ever.”

Meet James, “JD,” our incredible sports enthusiast! Picture a young soul who dreams of sliding into home plate, scoring the winning touchdown and shooting hoops like a pro. Although he has not been on a formal team, the sheer amount of time he dedicates to sports and his heartfelt desire to join a baseball team reveal an athlete in the making.

This resilient teen, while facing occasional anxiousness, seeks extra support during tough times. He might withdraw initially, but give him a moment and he opens up, sharing his thoughts and feelings – a journey toward emotional growth you’ll witness firsthand.

JD is a beacon of positive qualities. He describes himself as respectful, kind, hopeful, athletic, calm, helpful, and generous. Others see him as humorous and friendly. JD tends to withdraw when life throws him curveballs.

Beyond the sports field, his world is filled with diverse interests. Picture him hitting the gym, exploring the great outdoors, immersing himself in Star Wars sagas, and showcasing his artistic side through drawing and other creative pursuits. Driven by compassion, he dreams of volunteering at a pet shelter because of his love for animals and helping the homeless, showcasing his genuine desire to make a difference. His leisure time is a mix of mall visits, arcade fun, nature trails, and cheering at sporting events. JD’s ideal vacation would be to go to the beach, since he has never been.

This remarkable young soul is not just seeking a family but teammates to join him in life’s adventures, offering support during challenges and celebrating the victories, big and small. Are you ready to be a part of his journey?

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