James “Tony” E710

Tony likes to go fishing and is patient in trying to catch the biggest fish.

James (Tony) is a young man who is the happiest when he is outside. He loves to be outside for sports, gardening or just to sit in the sunshine. He especially likes time to go fishing and even demonstrates the ability to be patient in trying to catch the biggest fish. Tony has often volunteered for extra work if it allows him to be outside. Tony does not enjoy going to school for the academics. He does enjoy the social side of school.

Tony gets passing grades but struggles to complete assignments. He talks about wanting a future job where he can work with his hands, possibly becoming an auto mechanic. He does like learning about cars and football. Tony struggles with his past and the mistakes that he has made. Tony would like to find a family that would enjoy being outside. The more active the better for Tony. He likes animals and would like to have his own dog someday.

Tony would do best in a family where he is the youngest child. He would benefit from a family that has strong male role models.

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