Jalyn E894

“Something I would like to do with a family is every night they’ll tuck me in, they’ll play bedtime songs for me and they will show me that I can be anything I want to be.”

Please meet Jalyn! Jalyn is an energetic, talkative girl who likes to laugh and tell jokes. Jalyn loves to swim and go to amusement parks. She also loves shoes, particularly Air Jordans. Jalyn also likes dogs and has helped her previous family with walking their dogs.

Life has dealt many disappointments to Jalyn. Growing up, she was not able to enjoy a ‘normal’ childhood due to circumstances that were out of her control. Jalyn says she wants a permanent family and needs nurturing from a very patient and steady person. Jalyn craves one on one attention from a parent who will make that commitment to her. This child so easily touches your heart. With the right support and dedication, Jalyn has the potential to continue to blossom into a happy, healthy child.

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