Jalexus & Jasmine – TN01-9941558, TN01-11299512

Sweet sisters who are loving, outgoing and active!

Jalexus is a creative and active young lady. Her favorite favorite foods include chicken wings, ice cream cake, and Mexican food. Her hobbies include sleeping, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, swinging, riding bicycles, coloring, and watching TV. She enjoys doing hair and makeup. Jalexus is very personable with a big sense of humor. She is very smart in math. She’s athletic and prefers volleyball, soccer and kickball. Jalexus loves games such as Connect 4 and Monopoly. Jalexus would benefit from a family who is loving and outgoing. She loves participating in family activities.

Jasmine is a very considerate person. She will ask you about your day. She likes to do different activities like playing outside, arts and crafts, and watching TV/movies. Jasmine enjoys being with others and talking. She also likes playing games such as UNO and Monopoly. She likes bike riding and running. She likes to see new things. Jasmine would love a family that travels, shops, and plays games with her.

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