Jake 7601

Jake loves being around people, and he gets along very well with people his own age and with adults.

Please note only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Jake is an outgoing teen who aspires to one day become a future thespian. Jake enjoys the performing arts and loves participating in theater class. He is planning on auditioning for the upcoming play at school. Some of Jake’s other interests include reading, cooking, and doing activities outside. Others would describe Jake as a good helper, kind, and caring. Jake does well in school and his favorite classes are reading and preforming arts. Some things that make him laugh include his friends at school, other people, or when he sees something funny. Jake is looking for a ‘no matter what’ family who has an understanding of trauma and can help advocate for his needs. He would like a family who likes to stay active. He would like someone to take him on fishing trips, shopping, and do other activities with him.

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